The Foundation funds critical programs that serve Rainbow Girls in Washington and Idaho. For over a decade, The Foundation has been dedicated to supporting leadership, membership and training programs for the organization. This support has ensured that each member can experience the full Rainbow Experience regardless of financial situation. Over the next five years, Rainbow membership in Washington Idaho is expected to grow, giving more girls the opportunity to serve their communities, learn valuable speaking skills, and discover their leadership potential. Because of this projected growth, The Foundation is seeking financial support to continue serving the organization.
Rainbow’s impactful blend of service, leadership, and communication set it apart from any other organization serving young women today. Rainbow gets girls ready for life, and The Foundation helps fund this mission. With your support, The Foundation can continue to serve the women leaders of tomorrow.


The Foundation is committed to making Grand Assembly accessible to all girls. Grand Assembly is our biggest leadership program and our goal is to fully fund it within the next 10 years. In order to make that happen we are looking for dozens of donations in the $25 per month range; 50 donors in the $50 per month range; and 10 donors in the $100 per month range.
A continual $25 a month becomes over $5,000 after 10 years with interest.
50 donors giving $50 a month and The Legacy Club will reach $1m within 12 years.
12 donors giving $100 a month and The Legacy Club will reach $1m in 9 years. That means the girls initiated this year will see Grand Assembly subsidized before they take majority.

Whether you’re funding an entire Assembly going to Grand Assembly through Grants or paying it forward my helping offset the cost of Grand Assembly in 10 years, every donor is making an impact on Washington Idaho Rainbow Girls. Your commitment to this organization matters and will ensure our members have an affordable Rainbow experience, today and tomorrow.


Partnering with The Foundation can be as easy as signing up for recurring donations online. To make your automatic donation, please complete the information below. If you’d like to donate in another way, please contact us.

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